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V-Guard Fans

V-Guard Glado Prime 400 Ceiling Fan

Glado Prime ceiling fans are handsomely crafted with quality material to bring you a high level of efficiency.

SweepPowerAir DeliverySpeedVoltage
1.2 m75 W240 m³/min400 RPM230 V

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V-Guard Ceiling Fan

V-Guard Finesta TF Neo Table Fan

Finesta TF Neo is a handsomely crafted table fan, designed to bring you an unparalleled combination of efficiency and durability.

Salient Features
A strong triangular base for improved stability
A compact, elegant and distinctive design

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V-Guard Table Fan

V-Guard Fanza Delight Pedestal Fan

The delight of having the advantage of a product rich in performance, durability and charm.

SweepPowerAir DeliverySpeed
45 cm130W140 m³/min1350 RPM

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V-Guard Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Fanza MWF Delight II Wall Fan

V-Guard’s range of wall fans provide you with aesthetically designed options that will complement your home or commercial space decor effortlessly.

SweepPowerAir DeliverySpeed
45 cm95 W110 m³/min1350 RPM

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V-Guard Wall Fan

V-Guard Shovair M Ventilating And Exhaust Fan

Rising temperatures make it impossible to work in kitchens without a reliable exhaust fan.

SweepPowerAir DeliverySpeed
22.5 cm40 W785 m3/hr1400 RPM
30 cm70 W1615 m3/hr1400 RPM

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V-Guard Ventilating And Exhaust Fan

V-Guard Veemagik Neo Tower Fan

A tower fan is a good option to enjoy the comfort of a constant breeze.

SweepPowerAir DeliverySpeed
43.5cm185 W68 m³/min1300 RPM

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V-Guard Tower Fan

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